Articles categorized by topic

Search is useful. However, as I approach 200 articles of evergreen content, I find it hard to find my own articles I know I’ve written.

The most common question I’m emailed is, “Have you written about X?” And frequently, I have to spend time searching and browsing to find it. Until AI gets simple enough to answer that question, I’m categorizing my articles to help make finding or browsing them easier.

FYI - Most articles are a mixture of various categories. I just tagged them to the most relevant tags.

Interviewing / Getting a Job

Interviewing - Finding a job, choosing a position, and nailing the interview.

Careers over time

Early career articles - Topics particularly critical to know while starting your career.

Mid career articles - Mid-level positions, interested in continued success, and growth.

Late career articles - Principal engineers, Senior Managers, and other senior employees interested in growth and success.

Working at companies

Career growth - Getting promotions and ratings.

Organizations - How organizations are built and operate.


People managers - Advice and guidance.

Managing Up - Interacting with your manager and other senior leaders.

Dave / Off-topic articles

Dave’s personal stories, anecdotes, and meta discussions regarding newsletters.