I love books. I'm collecting links to some I love here. Those links are Amazon associates links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn tiny amounts of money from qualifying purchases. So, hey, win for all of us.

Management Toolkit

Learning how to manage is hard. Few of us are able to have a formal education on the topic. I'm building a list of recommended books on each major topic. This is always a work in progress.

Delegation and Task Management

Feedback to Employees

Motivation and Team Building

Moving to Management from IC

The below are not quite people management, but highly useful to those moving into management from individual contributor roles.

Project Management

Personal Growth

The below are related to personal growth, and content I've found useful.

  • The Simple Path to Wealth - Fantastic book which summarizes a topic I spent years learning about. AKA how I could afford to write a newsletter instead of working full time.
  • Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams - Very useful book which summarizes the importance of getting proper sleep. I'm convinced that many people would be more successful (in work and in school) if they simply got enough sleep each night.