Ethan Evans and I worked together closely at Amazon. I'm glad to welcome anyone Ethan sends over to chat with me!

I provide advice on a variety of topics including interviewing, management, organizational structure, and career development. If the below doesn't suit your needs, feel free to email me at to explain your situation. Happy to be flexible. It's one of the benefits of working for yourself.

Personal Mentorship / Coaching

Conducted over Zoom, we have a single hour-long meeting, or recurring meeting series on the topic(s) of your choice. Seth Godin wrote an interesting article recently on the importance of having a coach.

A few examples of what we could discuss:

  • Promotion and growth coaching - We discuss your current position, the steps you've taken, and what comes next. I've gone through the promotion process at Amazon for many employees, and written my own promotion documents 3 times. I'm comfortable and excited to help others with the process and steps.
  • Career goals or changes - We discuss what you want to do, what interests you, and how you might move your career in the right direction. At Amazon I moved between Payments, Marketplace, AWS, Devices, and Games. I went from a line manager, to a group manager, to a general manager. I'm familiar with changing positions, changing direction, and changing focus.
  • General mentorship - Mentorship and general leadership advice. You bring the topics, and we talk through them.


  1. For any clarifications before signing up, email me at to get answers.
  2. For a 60-minute session, you can view my availability, pricing, and sign up here.
  3. For a 30-minute session, you can view my availability,pricing, and sign up here.
  4. If you can, put an agenda or summary into the Calendly invitation so that I'm aware of your planned topic.

Interview Practice / Bar Raiser Preparation

An interview prep session is a 90-minute Zoom video call (60-minute option available, see below).

  1. I prepare questions which are appropriate to your planned position and level. Note: These will be behavioral questions, not technical questions.
  2. We start by discussing your current interview status, what you know about the loop, and I'll discuss some general advice. This is also a great time to ask any questions you'd like.
  3. During our video call, I ask a few behavioral questions. I can't predict what questions will be asked in your actual interview, but practicing answering behavioral questions is valuable for getting through a loop.
  4. Between each question, I pause and provide advice or corrections on the content and style of the answers you're giving.
  5. As we run low on time, I'll usually switch to general feedback and recommendations regarding the interview process, and suggestions for how to be successful. You will also have a chance to ask any final questions you might have.
  6. (New!) As a free bonus, if/when you get an offer, I'll be available via email for negotiation advice. I usually respond within 24 hours. I can provide advice on how to approach the process, and how to make counter-offers. No guarantees for results! I just love helping people get paid what they're worth.
  7. If you're interested in a shorter session, we can also do a 60-minute session. That means fewer interview questions, but there's still a ton of value to be had.


  1. For any clarifications before signing up, I'd suggest emailing me at to get answers.
  2. When to schedule? Any time 1-14 days before your interview is best. Much further in advance, and you might forget some advice.
  3. If you'd like to record the session, please let me know, and I'll give you recording permissions.
  4. Preferably before signing up for a session, and absolutely before attending a session, I'd recommend that you read my interviewing articles. It will give you a head start on what to expect, and how to prepare. If you've read my articles, I can spend less time in our session explaining the same information.
  5. For a 90-minute session, you can view my availability, pricing, and sign up here.
  6. For a 60-minute session, you can view my availability, pricing, and sign up here.
  7. Put as much information into the Calendly invite as possible so that I can prepare.

Not Currently Offered - Corporate Education / Development

I am currently not offering corporate training. If you'd like to convince me otherwise, you can email me at the link below.

Conducted over your corporate chat program (Zoom, Chime, Teams, etc).

  • Complete interviewing training - I give an interactive presentation on interview preparation including competency assignments, preparing questions, conducting the interview, taking notes, debriefing, and making high quality decisions. This optionally includes private 1:1 time for employees to practice their skills.
  • Management training - Team building training, career management training.
  • General consultation - We discuss any leadership topic, such as organizational structure changes, recruiting challenges, or leadership development program creation.

Process: If you are interested in learning more, email me at and let me know that Ethan sent you!