I provide advice on a variety of topics including interviewing, management, organizational structure, and career development.

Interview Practice / Bar Raiser Preparation

An interview prep session is a 90-minute video call.

  1. We discuss your planned position over email. I prepare questions which are appropriate to your planned position and level. Note: These will be behavioral questions, not technical questions.
  2. During the first 45 minutes of our video call, I conduct as standard length interview as if I was the bar raiser. I can't predict what questions will be asked in your actual interview, but practicing answering behavioral questions is valuable for getting through a loop.
  3. I may occasionally pause the interview to provide advice or corrections on the answers you're giving to ensure you have time to practice.
  4. We spend the final 30-45 minutes (however much time is left) with a detailed discussion of how you answered the questions and my general feedback. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you might have.

Price: $750 per session.

Process: You contact me at dave@scarletink.com and ask for interview preparation. Let me know your interview date (so we can time the practice appropriately), and preferably send me the position link. I send you an invoice. Once paid, I give you a Calendly link for scheduling our Zoom call.

Email Coaching

Subscribe to the Email Coaching subscription to have access to coaching and advice from Dave via email.

To learn more, contact Dave at dave@scarletink.com.

Personal Mentorship / Coaching

Conducted over Zoom, we have a single hour-long meeting, or recurring meeting series on the topic(s) of your choice. Seth Godin wrote an interesting article recently on the importance of having a coach.

A few examples of what we could discuss:

  • Promotion and growth coaching - We discuss your current position, the steps you've taken, and what comes next. I've gone through the promotion process at Amazon for many employees, and written my own promotion documents 3 times. I'm comfortable and excited to help others with the process and steps.
  • Career goals or changes - We discuss what you want to do, what interests you, and how you might move your career in the right direction. At Amazon I moved between Payments, Marketplace, AWS, Devices, and Games. I went from a line manager, to a group manager, to a general manager. I'm familiar with changing positions, changing direction, and changing focus.
  • General mentorship - Mentorship and general leadership advice. You bring the topics, and we talk through them.

Price: $500 per hour. Every 5th hour is 50% off ($250).

Process: You contact me at dave@scarletink.com and ask for coaching. You let me know any details which are relevant. I send you an invoice. Once paid, I give you a Calendly link for scheduling our Zoom call.

Corporate Education / Development

Conducted over your corporate chat program (Zoom, Chime, Teams, etc).

  • Complete interviewing training - I give an interactive presentation on interview preparation including competency assignments, preparing questions, conducting the interview, taking notes, debriefing, and making high quality decisions. This optionally includes private 1:1 time for employees to practice their skills.
  • General consultation - We discuss any leadership topic, such as organizational structure changes, recruiting challenges, or leadership development program creation.

Price: TBD - we can discuss.

Process: If you are interested in learning more, email me at dave@scarletink.com